VHCT Two-component adhesive cement TOP 1 type C2FTE S2

Highly flexible two-component adhesive for architectural concrete, ceramic tiles and natural stone.

APPLICATION:For bonding large architectural concrete slabs max surface area of ​​0.72 m2 for internal and external use on walls, floors, patios,

Recommended for use in places subject to high foot traffic (public buildings, large-surface facilities, etc.) or on surfaces covered with ceramics (swimming pools, industrial plants).

For use in bonding slabs of concrete and natural stone, Including large format up to 5 m2 / pc. on

facades, balconies, fences and terraces exposed to changing weather conditions;

Suitable for Underfloor / Undertile Heating

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONVHCT two-component cement adhesive for tiles. Fast bonding, reduced slippage ( runoff) , long pot life, good capacity for accomodating uneven surfaces of substrate and tiles (chipboard, marine plywood, concrete, etc.) For bonding large slabs of architectural concrete, natural stone, ceramic, stoneware. 
  • resistant to the impacts of adverse weather (moisture and frost) and blistering;
  • flexibile, high bonding strength which allows for a degree of shrinkage
  • efficient and easy to apply, with a sufficiently long open pot life.
CONSUMPTIONWill cover approx. 2.5 kg / m 2 to approx. 5 kg / m 2 , depending on the type of slabs and the thickness of adhesive application. The final usage amount depends on the local conditions. We recommend a test patch with similar conditions prior to starting on a project .