VHCT – a leader in the architectural concrete industry – the most important about us:

  • the first manufacturer of architectural concrete panels in Poland
  • modern production of exterior and interior architectural concrete panels
  • original collection of over 30 patterns
  • we give 30 years guarantee on architectural concrete
  • 100% quality guarantee
  • our own production line of construction chemicals: impregnations and concrete glues
  • products with  CE and PHZ quality certificate
  • professional consultancy for all clients
  • quick order realization up to 3 days

VHCT is the first manufacturer of  architectural concrete in Poland. Our experience and creativity has enabled us to built brand on European level. Highest technical parameters and aestheticism is passion which we realize in production of architectural concrete. VHCT Team from over 27 years uses its knowledge, passion and experience to create unique technology used in production of architectural concrete.

Original modern collection of panels

VHCT offers over 65 patterns of architectural concrete slabs and panels. That way we became unquestionable leader besides manufacturers of not only in Poland but also in Europe. VHCT is quintessence of minimalism, modern design and effective arrangements on the highest level. Original VHCT design allows to create unique interiors and exteriors. Collection of 2D and 3D panels perfectly fits in industrial lofts, offices, community facilities and households. Architectural concrete VHCT panels is combination of high quality and perfect craftsmanship.

As aware producer of architectural concrete panels we create products exclusively with natural resources. Our ecological methods of architectural concrete panels production has been confirmed with CE and PHZ quality certificate. VHCT’s assortment also includes concrete pots that perfectly decorate any interior, garden and terrace. Our many years of experience have allowed us to create our own line of construction chemicals for architectural concrete.

Over the course of several years, we have become a leader in the production of architectural concrete. Our brand is associated with modernity and good design, but most of all VHCT is a trustworthy brand, as evidenced by numerous investments in which we could participate.