VHCT is the leading manufacturer of architectural concrete in Europe. Our experience and passion, combined with our outstanding technical skill and aesthetic understanding Means That VHCT consistently delivers great results.

All our architectural concrete products are original designs and are manufactured when you place your order, ensuring a high standard of workmanship and exceptional finish.

Our panels and boards combine beauty and practicality.

Our products are made from natural raw materials and adhere to the highest technical parameters and regulations Including fire, permeability and tensile strength. ( Fire – Euroclass A1, Permeability 5/15 Resistance to Freezing / Thawing <0.6kg / sq m, Tensile strength> 2.0Mpa )

There are two off the shelf wall collections one in 2D and one in 3D as well as a wide range of paving, and flooring

In 2016 we have expanded our range to include more than 30 stunning and incredibly practical 3D panels.

All our products are available in a variety of finishes and colors.

As a result, we have become the undisputed leader amongst architectural concrete manufacturers in Europe, certified by CE quality and the NIH.